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Add charm and elegance
to your place with Zine stone products


Who We Are?

We transform your walls with high-quality, affordable stone products for your interior, exterior walls, and commercial needs. We recreate building style for your walls and give walls a makeover with a vast range of Stone style categories to enhance your residence or enterprise. The feature walls contain a vast range of Slate Stone, Quartzite Stone, Sandstone, Concrete, Veneer, and Rust Venee indoors and outdoors.



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    Our mission is to serve clients with a vast range of stone-cladding products that improve ...

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    Our vision is to expand our business with an eco-friendly approach, and we want to bring the beauty ...

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Add charm and elegance to your place with Zine stone products

Places to utilize Zine stone products

Why choose us

Zine stone gives you the best solution for interior and exterior wall decoration. If you want luxury and need high-quality and the best material, Any other firm material cannot imitate the beauty, history and exceptional quality of stone we provide.


Zine Stone walls are cost-effective sites as our stones are better in quality and shape.


Our stone products are thin, adjustable and durable having exceptional quality.


Zine stone walls are manufactured to endure and come with a long-lasting guarantee.


Our team is efficient in manufacturing and delivering stone walls in less time.

What we offer

Zine Stone presents a stylish alternative to classic Stone Walls with a high-performance design created from natural stone and engineered stones. Since 2018, Zine Stone has manufactured innovative, high quality, and cost-effective modern to classic stone walls with an extensive range of Slate Stone, Quartzite Stone, Sandstone, Concrete, Veneer, and Rust Venee products with unique architectural types. The beautiful and aesthetically stunning results of using our collection can be used to enhance not just your house but also any other living place.

How is wall material manufactured?

The wall material is manufactured with original and natural stone and slates, which are thin, lightweight, and flexible, that can be shaped and wrapped around walls and columns without difficulty. The stone we use comes directly from a natural field or quarry, which is picked by hand to guarantee the best possible quality and a uniform appearance in terms of stone size and dimensions. Our stone products are appropriate for use in various interior and exterior applications.

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